Have a look-see below for various original and found tarot spreads. Instructions, examples, pics, and as many good vibes as you can handle.


chakraspread2Chakra Alignment

This 7-card spread gives you an overview of the general state of the energy corresponding to each of your seven chakras. Awesome when combined with crystals.






 Relationship Overview

This 6-card spread gives you an overview of a current relationship and advice about where it is likely headed.







Attitude Adjustment

Use this 5-card spread when you know you have a bad attitude about something and would like to change your perspective. It’s a good spread to use when the external situation is something beyond your control that cannot be changed.





Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon

A combination of two short spreads to provide insight on the energies surrounding this double lunar event.




An 8-card spread (plus the four Aces) to get a general overview of new beginnings in your life. A great spread for the spring equinox.




Reversing Self-Sabotage

This 3-card spread will highlight any lack of alignment between what you want and what you expect, showing you how to create a greater sense of harmony between the two.


One thought on “Tarot Spreads

  • 04/24/2015 at 7:09 PM

    I just started meditating a few months ago and my world feels very different as if my consciousness is shifting. I sometimes meditate with my eyes open and just focus on a sunset or at a tree. Thank you again for sharing this.

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