Hi, my name is Joy.

I read Tarot to shine the light of knowledge inward: illuminating the past, clarifying the present, and boldly creating the future.

Tarot is so many things to me, but primarily, it is light.

To get whimsical for a moment:

It’s the street light at 2 a.m. on an ill-considered Saturday, lighting the path for the long stumble home.

It’s the candle on the windowsill at the start of a morning meditation.

It’s the beam of a flashlight on a rainy beach at night, it’s the flick of a Zippo in a smoky bar.

It’s illumination in all forms: sunrise, bonfires, lanterns, the moon, fireflies, camera flashes, lightning, stars, disco balls, glow sticks, aurora borealis, neon, and sunset.

I read Tarot to illuminate the knowledge and insight that each and every one of us already hold in our hearts, ready and waiting to assist us. These cards, with their incredible imagery and symbolism, help us make sense of our past, truly understand our present, and create a bold new future filled with passion and intention.

My goal with this blog is to both teach and be taught as I explore where tarot can transport us.

A bit more about me: I’m a blue-eyed Canadian writer and editor based in Tokyo. I’m very partial to coffee and neon. Close on their heels follow literature, hard/minimal techno, healthy food, rain, and mindfulness meditation.

I’m thrilled to be here. Thank you for visiting!

Wanna book a reading? Or just have a question or wanna chat? I love the contacts! Feel free!