Want to work with me? Grand!

I do readings in person here in Tokyo, and I also provide e-mail readings delivered merrily to your in-box with a nifty photo and a detailed written analysis. (God I love the Internet! It’s like the entire world is living in one cheeky hotel, and all we need to do is get on the elevator and jump off on whatever floor strikes our fancy!)

1-hour In Person Reading – $40 / ¥4000

We’ll meet at a cafe in Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa, or Higashi-Nakano and spend an hour going over one big spread, several little spreads, or a combination of the two. This is a great way to really get insight into your dreams, projects, or challenges and ask however many questions you like.

Feeling adventurous? We could always do the reading over shisha!




quickieQuickie E-mail Reading – $15 / ¥1500

Short and sweet — much like myself. ; ) I’ll draw 3-5 cards to provide a broad yet detailed overview of the situation or issue along with concrete advice for moving forward.

<– example spread







In-Depth E-mail Reading – $40 / ¥4000

With this longer, more detailed reading, I’ll draw 10-12 cards to really delve into the background of the issue, exploring underlying influences and the various energies that need to be released or embraced, finishing up with a short-term forecast and concrete advice.

<– example spread






Happy Birthday Reading – $35 / ¥3500

This is a special, once-a-year reading you can treat yourself (or a loved one!) to when a birthday rolls around! I’ll take a look at what you accomplished in the previous year, the new influences, challenges, and potential for triumph that you can expect to be coming your way, and how you can thrive and truly make the most of this new year.




How to book a reading

Step 1: Choose which of the above four options you’d like to purchase.

Step 2: Fill out and send the contact form below, stating which option you’ve chosen and your inquiry/question. Include as much background detail as you feel like giving — and don’t forget your full date of birth, especially for the Happy Birthday Reading.

(Please note that I do not read on health or legal topics — there are whole armies of great-looking doctors, lawyers, and shamans who can help you out with those issues, darlings!)

Step 3: If you’ve chosen an in-person reading, I’ll send you an e-mail to set up our rendezvous (how exciting!). If you’ve chosen an e-mail reading, I’ll send you a link to a PayPal invoice, and once you’ve paid (via PayPal or credit card), you can expect to receive your reading and the aforementioned nifty pic within 5 working days. Whee!!

Ready to take a peek inward and see how you can create a fabulous, bright, and stimulating future for yourself?

Let’s get started.

I’m so looking forward to working with you!


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