Tarot Spread: Monday Morning Check-in

Use this spread first thing Monday morning to give yourself a refreshing zing of insight on how to approach the upcoming week.


1. Me now
How are you feeling this morning? What sort of energy do you bring to the week? Are you carrying anything negative from last week into this one? Alternatively, are you still riding high from a recent boost? This card shows you the strengths and/or weaknesses of the “you” that you’ll be working with this week.

2. Energies at play in the coming week
This is the general vibe that’ll be swirling around your interior and exterior world for the next few days. Could pertain to a key event, personalities you may be dealing with, your prevailing emotional state, specific challenges, opportunities for success, etc.

3. Advice
How best to approach the energy evidenced in card 2 from your starting point in card 1.

Monday Inspo: Oh wow you guys, INTENSE…

I think it’s going to be a FIERCE week!

Look who’s coming to dinner:


Ahem. Not exactly a pair you’d mess around with!

Basically what we’ve got here is the world’s two coolest uncles, and they’ve been given weapons, and now they’re here to make masterful, sweeping changes (relax: good ones) to our week.

The king of Wands is Fire, mastered: passion, creative risk with big payoff, charisma. His drink? FIREBALL WHISKEY, with cinnamon hearts on the side. He can create a great blazing bonfire of excitement and amazingness, but be careful: sometimes, he’s just too hot, and nobody likes to burn their fingers. Lingers for weeks. : (

So let’s be sure to combine his energies with those of the equally badass king of Swords: more of an intellectual Trotskyite-type than his hot-tempered brother, he calculates, considers, and performs brilliant cerebral acrobatics — and then plunges in to show the world what he’s made of. He’s ice to his brother’s fire. His drink is vodka on the rocks, and the rocks are ice cubes hewn from the edges of GLACIERS. And just like the king of Wands, he has his own dark side — too much cold icy intellect can put a freeze on even the sunniest, happiest of these late June days.

This week, we need to embrace the contrasting powers of these two heartbreakers and channel them into bold creation. At the same time, we need to be aware if we start veering into over-bearing territory, and gently give the reigns a tug.

Have a fabulous week! I kinda can’t wait to see what happens…

Monday Inspo: Focus on the Task at Hand (and make sure it’s a fabulous task!)

Good morning and a happy Monday to you!

I’m feeling very Japanese-y today so I decided to use the Ukiyoe Tarot for the weekly inspiration. A truly cool deck with so many layers of symbolism added in the form of small cultural details (such as the types of flowers shown) and historical inspirations/allusions taking place behind the scenes. I highly recommend! So here are the two cards I’ve drawn for the upcoming week:


The first card, the 8 of Pents, gives us an overview of the entire week while the second card, the Page of Swords, gives us related advice.

The 8 of Pents is a busy-bee card, a worker-ant card: it’s all about training 100% of one’s focus on the task at hand, never looking up, never checking behind you. And this is pleasurable work — it’s not nose-to-the-grindstone stuff! You know how a tattoo artist might labor over a design for hours and hours, not even giving thought to the passage of time? Because they’re so into it. All they can see is the human canvas under their fingertips, and that is enough for their entire world. Nothing else exists. That’s the sort of feeling we can expect in the coming week. Passionate, committed, solid devotion to the task at hand.

What is your task at hand?

It might relate to your actual job, but then it might relate to some other type of work that you’re passionate about — or want to be passionate about. Is there a project that you’ve been putting off? Now is the time to set aside several hours and just get to it.

The red flowers in the card are symbolic of the lush fullness of summer — petals that open up to the sun and bask there. Whatever task you devote your time to this week, the potential is there for steady growth and development. Make it count!

The supporting card, the Page of Swords, gives us a little insight on how to make the most of the hardworking, focused energies suggested by the 8 of Pents. The two fit together nicely: with the 8 of Pents, no outside influences are allowed to infringe upon the task at hand (critics are ignored, for example, and adulation is not sought; it’s all about the work), while with the Page of Swords, this theme of self-reliance and keeping one’s own counsel is reiterated: this Page watches, learns, and remembers, but rarely speaks or acts. All the movement is internal. His one sword, sheathed, indicates restrained thought (waiting for the right time, waiting for all the info, all the experience), while his other sword, pointed at the ground, is symbolic of understanding truths hidden below the surface.

So, overall, this looks to be a rather calm week on the outside of things: working hard, focusing on the now, and absorbing knowledge. Make sure whatever you choose to focus your energy on is a task you enjoy and can see yourself working with for the long-term.

Have a good week!

New Moon Tarotscopes: June 16–July 15, 2015

Welcome to the New Moon in Gemini!

The twins energy: endless curiosity, chatter, enthusiasm, and movement.

Find your sign below to get some insight into which energies are heading you way over this next lunar cycle and how you can make the most of them. Have a glorious month!



(March 21–April 19)

mother of cups. Ahhh… Get ready to experience waves upon waves of nurturing good feels, Aries. Gentleness will be popping into your life at every corner: through people, through art, through experiences and events. Open up and receive it. Absolutely do not analyze these experiences or try to guide/influence them! Simply let them come and bask in the glow. They’re here to take care of you and do not require any help in doing this, so relax, already. <3 Also, look for ways you can quietly nurture and support others. Nothing needs to be actively “done” in that respect; the people in your life just need to know you’re there. It’s not the time to make anything happen or give any advice. No need to pull strings or go to massive trouble. Just being there and listening and loving is enough.



April 20–May 20

9 of wands. It’s been a long hard road, Taurus, and in the past month you’ve probably come close to giving up any number of times. What’s the point of sacrifice, tears, and superhuman effort, again and again, if the prize is forever off in the distance? It hurts and you’re tired. So many times, the universe will hurl one last lesson at us just before we hit success. That’s the point where so many will break down and give up, never reaping the benefit of what they’ve worked so hard to attain. But they were so close! They could almost taste the glorious riches, only to turn away and fling their napkin on the floor. You know what? This is your month. This is when it all comes to you. You are that close. Just take a deep breath and hold on for this one last burst of energy that’s required. Then it’s yours. And it’s going to be incredible. <3


May 21–June 20

8 of cups. Whew! Looks like there’s been a fair amount of emotional turmoil in the recent past, Gemini. Dashed hopes, rejected love, bitter disappointment… Any of these ringing a bell? Don’t worry–the painful issues have already taken place and now as we stand poised at the beginning of the new lunar cycle a most beautiful thing is happening: you hold the keys to what happens next. It is a moment of intense self-empowerment for you. You can literally walk away from this recent wreckage and begin happiness anew. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to walk away from heartache because the heart wants to remain in that sorrow a little longer, wants to linger with the possibilities and is not ready to move on. The wonderful news for you right now is that this walking away will be easy and invigorating. The wounds are healing rapidly. Enjoy the new!


June 21–July 22

2 of swords. This month we see two opposing points of view presenting themselves in your mind, Cancer. Two opposing potentials or choices, perhaps. Although they may not pertain to a particularly major or life-changing issue, the matter is significant enough that it’s at the forefront of your thoughts and not likely to be brushed under the carpet by ignoring it. Unfortunately, the desire to do just that—to ignore, evade, procrastinate—will be huge. It’s almost like you’ve already decided to put on your rose-colored sunglasses, stick your headphones in, and hit the pool. It’s summer, after all! But although this issue is small now, failing to confront it soon could lead to more serious measures needed in the future. It’s like a tooth that hurts a bit and needs a tiny filling, but you don’t want to go to the dentist, so you wait until it becomes a RAGING infected toothache requiring an expensive root canal and a horrifying, soul-searching crisis as you sit under the drill reviewing all the mistakes you have made that led up to this point. Do you read me? GO TO THE DENTIST, Cancer. Sort these thoughts out while they’re still easy to manage.


July 23–August 22

6 of wands. This is going to be a special month for you, Leo. There has been difficulty in the past—a small issue, maybe, but one that was a repeated pattern of failure or frustration, building upon similar failures that came before. That does something to the human spirit, you know–it chips away, it causes doubt to form. You can second-guess pretty much anything about yourself and your value, if you are beaten down enough. However, now is the time when you’ll be rising above your past and emerging with newfound confidence, energy, and yes, beauty. Your prior difficulties have not only strengthened your character, they’ve altered the way you look on the outside, too, and people around you will take notice of this new version of you. Enjoy the exhilaration and the accolades. And utilize this fresh, rejuvenating energy to propel yourself forward into the next creative endeavor.



August 23–September 22

Chariot. Wow! Hold onto your hats, fellow Virgos: we’re going for a ride! All that relentless self-improvement, study, and analysis over the past few weeks (years??) is coming to a head as we find ourselves with enormous personal power and drive heading into this new lunar cycle. We’ve studied, we’ve experimented, we’ve fought, we’ve failed, and we’ve succeeded. Now it’s time to level up. Be clear on your destination because we’re heading forward fast, and it’s possible we could get dragged off into areas unknown/unwanted if we don’t take firm control of the wheel. So let’s set our course clearly. Let’s set our eyes on that point on the horizon we know will look and taste and feel the best and then get cracking! And let’s do it with flair! Glamorous hairstyles and dressing for the occasion never hurt anybody, dahlings. Think expensive.


September 23–October 22

3 of wands. Beautiful. It’s like you have magic in your hands this month, Libra. A lot of hard, basic groundwork was laid in the past few weeks or months, probably in conjunction with other people who worked together with you. Group activities, class-based learning, team projects, and the like. Shared knowledge. Now, you’re on the brink of heading off on your own. You’ve taken what you can from these outside sources and are poised and capable of leaping into the next phase solo. The most special part is that this next phase is of your own making. No one’s pushing you into it or telling you what it will/should be. It’s all your intention, your creation, your vision. What’s it going to be? Think BIG and in technicolor! For real! You’ve got the power to make it manifest.



October 23–November 21

3 of cups. Aw, it’s going to be a cheery ol’ few weeks ahead, Scorpio. This is a card of simple pleasures, of the calm yet profound satisfaction that comes through friendships and the social sphere. It is not about creating the new, but enjoying the now. There are no battles to be fought and no pressing projects to be completed (or if there are, they will play out quietly, in the background). Rather, there are joyous parties to attend, friendships to support, and thoughtful little ways you can show your love and appreciation to others. Surprise a friend with a tiny gift. Meet someone after work for a coffee and a shared dessert. Appreciate the stars. A friend of mine recently missed the last train home and so stayed out all night with his lover, seated  on an inner-city stoop eating donuts and observing the ebb and flow of life that swirls between midnight and dawn. This is the type of feeling you want to be going for. Enjoy. <3


November 22–December 21

6 of cups. A sweet, poignant energy is drifting into your perception this month, Sagittarius—a slightly bittersweet energy, perhaps. You may find your thoughts turning to the past, or indeed, people from the past may walk suddenly into your life again, carrying with them the beautiful memories of your time together along with the slightly unsettling confirmation that those times are no longer real. The lay of the land has changed. The trick here is to appreciate the memories while simultaneously honoring the emotions that accompany your experiences taking place in the here and now. And also, recognizing how the actions you take today will be looked back upon and remembered one day. What kind of memories do you want to create? This month, check in frequently with your feelings. They will be amplified over the next little while and will serve as good guides if you follow the positive ones and walk away from the negative ones.



December 22–January 19

daughter of swords. The time is ripe for a significant information download, Capricorn. Listen. Whispers of knowledge are everywhere right now—in books and in people, yes, but also in dreams, in the symbols on street signs, in synchronicities, in the sudden clarity that pops into your head as you shampoo your hair or wait for the train. Be open and receptive to this knowledge because it’s not the kind of thing that comes around every day. It’s almost like a late-night radio program, the kind that you can’t always tune in to, and when you can, well, you drop everything to pay attention and hear as much as possible before the signal cuts out again. Might be a good idea to keep notes.



January 20–February 18

5 of pents. Ah, Aquarius, it feels like I should stop typing and give you a hug, maybe. There may be be some sadness drifting your way, or some physical condition designed to challenge or vex. I doubt it will be very serious, but it may annoy and depress. If this takes the form of an emotional ailment, I feel the best way to approach it is to experiment with being your own caregiver. Treat negative emotions the same way you would a physical ailment. It seems we have no problem taking a Tylenol for a headache, or sipping lemon ginger tea if we have a cold, but what about when we just feel bad? Work out what your own personal remedy is. Watching movies? Hardcore workouts? Being with animals? Experiment. If on the other hand an actual physical ailment occurs, of course please seek medical counsel, but also examine the mental cause of the physical problem—remember, thought always appears before the physical manifests. Anyway, this month could present a really fascinating opportunity to explore how your own body works and how you can heal and soothe yourself.


February 19–March 20

daughter of wands. New adventure beckons, Pisces, and you are MORE than ready to meet it! Your energy is the color of confidence, of daring, and of bold invitation, so play with it and see how these frequencies bounce off the experiences and people you come into contact with this month. Wear flowers in your hair and flirt outrageously with strangers. Chances are you’re going to make a big impression on somebody, so keep your eyes open for when this happens and how you’d like to utilize the opportunities it presents. It’s a good time to step a little bit outside your comfort zone, too—literally as well as figuratively! Has travel been tempting you, lately? Might be a good time to stick a big toe into the waters of a new land and see what happens next… And the next town over has the potential to be just as exotic as a town halfway across the world, provided you bring this amazing Wands energy along with you.

Monday Inspo: Transitioning from air to earth

Good morning! Hope everybody had a fabulous weekend! It’s a brilliantly sunny morning here in the middle of the dreaded rainy season in Japan. ; ) Ah June.

Our 2-card inspiration for the week is a curious combination of air and earth:


Here, we’ve got the King of Swords as the primary theme for the week combined with the Page of Crystals (Pents, traditionally) as surrounding energy.

The King of Swords, embodying mastery of the air suit, is famous for his precision, integrity, and personal control. (Think perhaps of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation? If you ever watched that show… (ahem)). He’s celebrated for his intelligence and criticized for the icy form that intelligence can occasionally take. It’s not that he’s cold, really — it’s more that personal truth is so important to him that everything else takes a back seat.

In contrast, with the Page of Crystals, hailing from the earth suit, we have somewhat younger, more practical energy — she’s less about high ideals and lofty thoughts, and more about hard work, learning, and practical application. She makes things happen rather than intellectualizing about what would happen if she made things happen, if that makes sense. A strong entrepreneurial drive.

With these two cards appearing together, I would suggest deliberately making a transition between the two influences somewhere around mid-week.

Start the week off embodying the King: get clear on you thoughts, morals, ideals — what you will compromise on, and what you will not. What’s your personal belief system? Might be time to write a personal manifesto! (If that sounds daunting, write it on post-it notes — see what happens.)

Then, around Thursday as we approach the weekend, see if you can shed some of that imperious control and really move into the trenches, as it were. Use your newly clarified personal objectives as motivation to get your hands dirty, to take these nebulous thoughts floating in the air and manifest them into the physical world around you.

Good luck! It promises to be a week of successful creation and new material gains if you focus your energy!

Much love.

Tarot Spread: Chakra Alignment

Use this seven-card spread to get an overview of the general state of the energy corresponding to each of your seven chakras.

A more in-depth guide on understanding the nuances of these energies and how to use various healing modalities such as reiki and yoga to bring them into proper alignment can be found here.

In terms of this tarot spread, the idea is to give you basic insight into how your body is manifesting the energy of each chakra and to prompt suggestions as to how you can shift this manifestation more into alignment with what you intuitively know to be healthy for you.


From top to bottom, I’ve chosen to summarize these energies as

7. Oneness
6. Intuition
5. Communication
4. Love
3. Willpower
2. Sexuality
1. Safety

Each of the chakras has a corresponding color, starting at the bottom with red for the root chakra (1, safety) and moving upward with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (or white) up top to the crown chakra (7, oneness) .

If you have crystals in these colors I suggest using them with this spread.


Crystals will intensify the energies of the cards and of the chakras themselves, and visualizing the colors in conjunction with the chakras can help gently ease open your intuitive capacity.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and ground yourself before shuffling. Pull the cards and set them in position, focusing on the crystals or visualizing the colors in your mind’s eye. Then flip the cards over and give yourself an intuitive reading. Focus less on “standard” meanings with this spread: you want to go for the gut reaction, and focus on the emotion that bubbles up as you observe the images on the cards, particularly the colors. Standard definitions can come into your interpretation, too, but pay special attention to that first, primal reaction when you see the card. An example follows.


(This is my first proper reading with the Cheimonette Tarot, by the way! Such a nebulous, watery, swirling deck… Suitable for an intuitive reading.)

My interpretation, starting from the bottom, with card 1.

 1. Safety: 10 of Cups
Death of a family ideal. Past ideas of safety/security were built on the fantasy of a certain type of home unit. This idea has been put to rest and although there has been resultant emotional upheaval and feelings of rootlessness, drift, there is safety that can be accessed if the vision is re-thought.

2. Sexuality: 10 of Disks
There looks to be some pain and self-destruction here. Unhealthy sexual practices/beliefs. Confusion about what to create. Play-acting, surface. Sexuality needs to be explored with greater depth and intention. What does it mean, beyond the physical feeling of it?

3. Willpower: Queen of Cups
Highly motivated from an emotional standpoint and ready to risk everything to attain what is desired. This chakra is powerful, in good alignment. Iron will. But watered down, in a sense, as the motivation is often to please or be noticed by others. How can the will be expressed for self, rather than for others?

4. Love: 8 of Disks
The energy of this chakra is also strong—is more or less in “good” alignment. A stage of understanding of the self (perhaps self-love); of focus, of hard work.

5. Communication: The World
Balanced, cohesive, whole. The voice is being heard, ideas are being expressed as intended. Open, fresh, honest.

6. Intuition: The Hanged Man
A slight blockage here. The intuition itself is very strong, robust even, and getting more so, but something is blocking the fruition of true potential here. A necessary process. A percolating. Do not rush this. Listen to it.

7. Oneness: Queen of Swords
A significant mis-alignment here. A lack of connection to others—a lack of care or consideration, even though there is the sincere and powerful desire to help, join, love, etc. A coldness is preventing true union with others. Examine what is being held back, and why.

Monday Inspo: A Colorful New Path

Good morning and happy Monday!

For inspiration this week, I felt it would be beneficial to draw two cards rather than one. Let’s consider the first card a general forecast or possibility for the week, with the second card giving advice on how best to maximize the potential. Whee!!


Gorgeous card for the forecast — 3 of Wands — limitless magical possibilities await, as we step through a portal of our own making and fully embrace the new color, whimsy, and enchantment we have prepared for ourselves.

What does your color, whimsy, and enchantment look like?

Which of those words gets your heart racing, which one make you think, “Ohhh, YES — it’s that THING I’ve been pushing toward!”

Well, good news: THING is on the horizon and it promises to be a beautiful new chapter, a welcome departure from the current chapter, which is feeling a bit, mmm, tired and gray, sadly.

Or not sadly! Whatever! When it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on!

Greener pastures, as they say.

Or psychedelic hipster pastures, as this card kinda says.

And for advice, we’ve got the 5 of Swords, a traditionally violent and negative card that could accurately be described, on the basis of the severed worm in this particular deck, as “self-destruction”.

I think, though, that we can view this in an enormously positive light when taken in context with the first card.

In order move boldly forward and accept — embrace — the new path that is unfolding before us, we need to leave what is no longer serving us behind.

This needn’t be a huge, dramatic, ceremonious leaving-behind. This is a minor Arcana card, after all — there are no Towers being blitzed with fiery lightning rods hurled by angry gods from the sky, for example; there is no Death beheading your dreams with a big scythe and forcing you to “embrace transformation”, or whatever.

Rather, it’s a little thing that you’ve been doing a lot that has served its purpose and now needs to be thanked and ushered politely out of your life.

I’m thinking it might be a little thing that adds up to a big thing over time — a small, harmful habit. What might that look like, in your world? (I can think of a couple bad habits in mine…)

This week, visualize what your colorful, brand-new chapter looks like and keep those colors in mind as you say goodbye to the dwindling gray sentences that made up your old chapter.

A note about the lines in these cards — the horizontal lines in the 3 of Wands card suggest a harmonious, receptive state. So, you can simply relax and allow this change to come. The vertical lines in the 5 of Swords cards are more decisive and active. Conscious effort on your part will be required to sever whatever element in your life this represents.

Have a gorgeous week.

P.S. What do you think of using 2 cards rather than 1 for these weekly Monday Inspos? If you have a take on it, please let me know, either in the comments here on the blog or on my Facebook page! <3 Many thanks.

Monday Inspo: 3 of Cups

An amazing inspiration for a week that lies stretching and glittering before us like an invitation: friendship.


It’s all about communion with that group of lovable dilettantes  who make your soul sing.

(Or groan, honestly.)

(But mostly sing.)

What does the word “communion” mean to you?

The dictionary defines it as

interchange or sharing of thoughts or emotions; intimate communication

This communication can take so many wildly variant, intoxicating forms, depending on your group of friends, on you, and even on the day of the week—

—Some of us “commune” in sleazy, smoky, wondrous basement bars with hoarse-voiced arch-angels shrieking on stages; others of us need to be outdoors, with sunlight and plants and moving water; we commune over cups of coffee, over cups of Jack Daniels, over cups of green smoothies; we play sports (or fail at playing sports), we watch films, we bitch about our jobs, we exalt in our personal myths.

The three birds calmly on their branch in the card above encompass all of these variants. They look like old birds. They look like they’ve got all the active bits out of their system, in a way, and now they’re just being: they’re having this interchange, they’re sharing these emotions. It’s intimate communication, yes, but it’s also casual.

It’s an elegant brunch the morning after a night of debaucherous  partying.

It’s a one-line text message just to check in and wish one a wonderful day.

This week, whatever form your social life takes, celebrate the fact that at its root lies the emotions you share with the individuals around you. We give so much just by being there. Celebrate that and let the details arrange themselves around you.

Much love.

Tarot Spread: A Magician Personal Reading

This is an illuminating personal spread from Rachel Pollack‘s book “Tarot Wisdom”. Seven cards, and easily a whole afternoon’s worth of insight. Set aside time to journal / flail.


Card 1: What is magic for me?
Card 2: How does magic act in my life?
Card 3: Where do I look for magic?
Card 4: How do I find it?
Card 5: How do I use it?
Card 6: How can I become a magician?
Card 7: What will it mean to me?

And to give you an example, I’ll share some very brief excepts of the interpretation I gave myself when I first used this spread a few months ago.


(Gorgeous Ukiyoe deck, by the way!)

Card 1: What is magic for me? 2 of Cups
I find the initial stages of romantic relationships intensely magical. Like films, like lore. Rich with symbolism. One-night stands hold a sacred place in my heart. Love hotels. First kisses. Parting at the train station. …Perhaps I’m intoxicated by the instability of early unions. I feel it’s safe if I can keep it unreal.

Card 2: How does magic act in my life? 3 of Swords
Well, this is certainly thematic! I romanticize heartbreak. Rainy days, betrayal, relationships ending—these all hold a sort of gloomy pleasure for me. (Maybe I’m wasting my magic on this fixation.)

Card 3: Where do I look for magic? 2 of Pents
I look for magic in my work, I suppose. I’ve always strived to combine making a living with doing something that I love. I enjoy what I do now, and my dream is  to open an enchanted bookstore/coffeehouse and have it function as a stargate  for writers, musicians, artists, and assorted mystics to wrap their fingers around mugs and showcase their brilliance. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my aspirations and uncertain of where to focus. But this juggling is also a form of magic for me.

Card 4: How do I find it? Justice
I can find magic by carefully weighing what is important to me and then single-handedly and with cool intellect pursuing it.

Card 5: How do I use it? Death
I seem to cycle through lessons quickly. I need to spend more time focusing on the metamorphosis. I mustn’t let the lessons be wasted, go to seed, rot. I need to consciously use them as fertilizer. I’ve made heartbreak magical, romantic. What’s the next step? How can I add a new layer to that?

Card 6: How can I become a Magician? The Hanged Man
Trust and patience. Believe in the greater good. Don’t force anything! Wait for it to happen. Observe the now.

Card 7: What will it mean to me? Knight of Swords
An active approach to life. Gradually learning to hone the intellect and use thought for manifestation. I like how this sort of contradicts/contrasts the passivity suggested in the previous card. Cheeky.

Monday Inspo: Two of Crystals

Good morning!

For inspiration this week, I’ve pulled the Two of Crystals:


In this deck (the intoxicating Starchild Tarot), the suit of Crystals replace the traditional Pentacles, both tracing their origin to the element of earth. Earth encompasses, mostly, the physical realm: the body, the workplace, finances, nature, and dwelling places.

Two is the number of balance, cohesion. Giving equal attention to the things that matter.

The call for this week is to ensure a balance between the elements that make up the physical structure of our lives.

Take a moment and look inward. When you consider the words balance, and physical realm, and earth, and finances, and body, what are the two images that take precedence in your mind?

When you’ve got time today, spend a few moments with this exercise—it doesn’t have to be right now.

In fact, if you have a moment over lunchtime or this evening to get outside under the sky, or to walk alongside water, or to pause for a moment near some trees, please, do that.

The two most pressing areas in need of balance will reveal themselves to you.

Often we’ll find that while one area of our lives is flowing along effortlessly, another is waiting forlornly in the wings, hungry for a glance from you. Which area of your life feels forgotten, right now?

two-labradoritesThen, spend the remainder of this week doing little things—and I must stress little!—to bring these two elements into a more equal balance. As a Virgo I am an unashamed fan of detailed lists for work of this sort, but what about you? How do you identify weak points and construct fabulous plans for making them stronger?

I also think pulling the Two of Crystals indicates that this would be a good week to do a little crystal work, if you don’t already!

Pick two small crystals to represent the two areas of your life you intend to bring into balance.

Meditate with these and see what sort of inspiration or guidance they have to give you. Labradorites love to work in pairs, so I think that’s what I’ll be using. : )

Have a wonderful week!